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This is the shopping post. There are a few sites online where you can buy some TVXQ products some of them like Yesasia even count toward TVXQ record sells in Korea/Japan. Others like Ebay don't but you can find a good deal. Some people like myself are more a give it to me now type and would like to walk into a store to buy some of there TVXQ products. I will list all the place that I can find available to buy TVXQ stuff. The list will be by state and than city for this I will need help and research so it might take a while.
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TVXQ 101

Hell-Oh: The Into Post

Hell-0h and welcome to the the University of TVXQ
This is my massive homage to a band I love beyond reason. I started it December 26th in honer of there 6th anniversary. We move into their 7th year with discord but I have faith they will remain strong and remain 5. With that said we move on.
This is where you can come to get a basic knowledge of one of the biggest boy bands in Asia. I have broken it down into 5 main sections and than helpful Links.

TVXQ 101: Cover the basics of the group and the member individually. It list their albums and include 2 Playlist to serve as an introduction to their music.
TVXQ Intermediate: Goes more in dept with each album, cover singles, their DVDS, Photobooks, and Storybooks. It will include an overview of them as a group. It also has links to all their official music videos.
TVXQ Advance: This entry will cover all recent events, awards, TVXQ as live artist and include a reference list of other Korean and Japanese artist of interest.
TVXQ Master: This is about getting to really know the boys the candied behind the scenes stuff this section will be very pic heavy and include numerous Playlist.
TVXQ Doctorate: This will include a visual history of TVXQ as well as a get started in TVXQ fandom guide and more coming soon.
Links This will lead to places where you can find current information on TVXQ as well as meet other fans
Shopping A list of online sites where TVXQ merchandise can be bought. This section also includes a locale store list done by state of shops that sell TVXQ merchandise.
I would like to form local Fan meetups in the near future but the plans for that are still in progress. Take a look around and feel free to drop me a note if you have a questions or recommendations.