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TVXQ 101


TVXQ 101

Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) also known in Japan as Tohoshinki and throughout the rest of Asia and international as TVXQ(Tong Vfang Xien Qi) is a 5 member Korean boy band that made their official debut on December 26, 2003.There name means Rising Gods Of The Eastand can also be translated as Gods Rising In The East. Due to some issues TVXQ line up now consist of two members when referring to the new lineup the term HoMinshink will be used to keep things clear. For me and many fans TVXQ is only ever when they are Five. This project is meant to be an introduction to them as a group, to their music and history.


TVXQ is made up of five members, Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. Created by SM Entertainment. They were active as Five for 6 years and put out a slew of CDs, DVD, Photobooks, Storybooks and memorabilia. They are one of the hardest working groups in Asia and their hard work has paid off. They have a huge fan following, they have broken records and raise the bar on what a boy band is capable off. They are one of the most popular groups in Asia and have even developed an international following which is why you are here. So let’s get started.

From left to right Junsu, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun

There are five guys in TVXQ. Each of these five guys has 2-3 names. There real name, their real name in the Japanese variation, and their stage names. Their stage names are easier for English and other international fans to remember. By the time you get to advance level fan love you will be calling them by there real name.

They change their hair style and color quite a bit Mickey/Yoochun changes his the most it is insanely hard to keep up with the different haircuts and color of each member. By the advance level of fan love you will be able to name their hair cuts by album, seriously.

TVXQ love is infectious it may start with a mild curiosity, liking one song or an interest in one of the members but it will spread and before you know it you have just spent 80$ on the All About TVXQ season 3 DVD. TVXQ fans are legion. The 2 official fan clubs are Cassiopeia in Korea and the Big East in Japan. Cassiopeia is in the Guinness World Records for being the biggest official fan club in the world, 800.000 memberships. TVXQ also made it into the Guinness World Records for being the most photographed celebrity in the world. Yes I said the whole fucking WORLD.

Onward we go.

The Members

The members where selected from bigger sub groups when they where trainers. Each members was chosen because they where the best singer in their group. SM wanted to create a group with a high talent level and the succeed. Each member has something that make them stand out, together they are perfection. SM assigned them roles when they first started instead of being defined by those roles they broke the boxes. There is really no real way to explain these guys you just have to watch them do what they do best and you will understand.
The members in no real order (*except Yunho goes first because I love him best followed by Jaejoong because I love him as much as I love Yunho (I can’t help it)

Real Name Jung Yunho (last name, first name)
Japanese variationnone
Stage NameUknow Yunho
Birthday February 6, 1986
Height 6’0, 184 cm
Vocal Position Bass

The many stages of Yunho


Yunho was born in Gwangju which is in the country side of South Korea he normally speaks in the Seoul dialect but he has an accent that comes out when he is anger or whenever. He never missed a day of school in 3 years even when he was a trainee at SM. He traveled between Gwangju and Seoul sometime sleeping on train benches but never in school. He was apparently a very good student in school. It seems he has a pretty bad memory and never remembers where he leaves things. He gets hurt a lot. Like seriously a lot. From the hints given by other members and random people it seems there is a side to Yunho we the fans never see. He likes cute thing like seriously he has a stuffed animal named Bambi that he sleeps with. He is considering the manliest out of the five. He is also the official leader of the group, one of the rappers and the main dancer.

Real Name Kim Jae Joong (last name, first name)
Japanese variationJejung
Stage NameYoungWoong (Hero) Jae Joong
Birthday January 26, 1986
Height 5’11, 180 cm
Vocal Position Main(lead)

The many stages of Jaejoong


He is the oldest member of TVXQ though you would never know it. He has 8 older sisters which explain a lot. He was born in Chungnam and has an accent. His accent is so bad apparently he has Changmin and Yoochun speaking like him. When the group first started he did not speck up in interviews because of his accent now he never shuts up. He had a lot of piercings but slow took most of them out. He has 4 tattoos that I know of, one of them is an ode to TVXQ. He is adopted. He loves high boots. He loves to cook for the other members. He is the lead singer and according to most fans the prettiest. Sometimes he covers his mouth when he laughs. He likes to take random personal picture of the members, example he will take a picture of them in the shower or sleeping.

Real NamePark Yoochun (last name, first name)
Japanese variationYuchun
Stage Name Mickey Yoochun
Birthday June 4, 1986
Height 5’10, 180 cm
Vocal Position Middle Low

The many stages of Yoochun


Yoochun was born in Seoul, Korea but he moved to the US when he was a kid and lived there for a few years. He was the last member to join TVXQ. He is the most emotional of the group and has been known to be a bit of a crier. He has a younger brother. He has four tattoos that I know of. One of which he shares with his brother, He has a keep the faith tattoo on his chest(I love him so much for this) . Wrote Kiss The Baby Sky the TVXQ OT5 song. He is the other rapper and was the first member to get one of his songs made into a music video. He loves every part of making music. He likes to sleep a lot and is not a morning person.

Real Name Kim Junsu (last name, first name)
Japanese variation
Stage NameXiah Junsu
Birthday December 15, 1986 (registered January 1, 1987)
Height 5’10 178 cm
Vocal Position Middle high

The many stages of Junsu


Has a twin brother. Loves soccer. During puberty he has a hard time with his voice and was worried he was never going to be a singer. Has a distinct texture to his voice making it noticeable. He is a good dancer and is the first to pick up the dance moves. Stole the role of the adorable one from Changmin. Junsu is without a doubt the ditzy member. He gets picked on the most but is obviously loved by the others a lot. His can make dolphin noises. Is the other great dancer..

Real Name Shim Changmin (last name, first name)
Japanese variation
Stage NameChoikang (Max) Changmin
Birthday February 18, 1988
Height 6’1 186 cm
Vocal PositionHigh

The many stages of Changmin


He is the tallest member. He is the youngest member in the group but the oldest child in his family. Loves food. At his high point of puberty he could eat 8 meals a day. He is known as the blunt one. He like to hit Junsu he claims this relaxes him. He is afraid of scary movies. Is constantly listening to music. Has the most flexible voice. Has become the laziest dancer. He was a good student and takes learning seriously.

The Albums

Now that you know the members here is a quick over view of their albums. They have four Korean albums, one Korean Christmas album, six Korean singles, four Japanese albums and thirty one Japanese singles . I will list the Albums first by country and than in chronological order. In this section we will only deal with the 4 main albums all others will be dealt with in further detail in the Intermediate level. All albums have more than one version.

Korean albums
Tri-angle : CD only, 2 CD Japanese version, 2 CD
Rising Sun : CD only, CD+VCD
"O"-Jung.Ban.Hap. : CD +photos, CD+DVD, CD+DVD +photos, CD+ Vacation DVD
Mirotic : CD only, CD+ Photobook, CD+DVD

Japanese albums
Heart Mind and Soul : CD only, CD+DVD
Five in the Black : CD only, CD+DVD
T : CD only, CD+DVD , 2CD+2DVD
The Secret Code : CD only, 2CD, 2CD+DVD

Chronological Order
Tri-angle : October 13, 2004

Rising Sun
Rising Sun : September 5,2005

Heart Mind and Soul
Heart Mind and Soul : March 22, 2006

"O"-Jung.Ban.Hap.: September 29, 2006

Heart Mind and Soul
Five in the black : March 14, 2007

T : January 22, 2008

Mirotic : September 26, 2008

the secret code
The Secret Code : March 25, 2009

The Videos

Each album has singles that stand out and are mandatory listing for the beginner TVXQ fan. So here are the singles by album. Below is the link to my YouTube playlist with all the videos. Both lists are in the same order as there matching playlist, which is chronological by release and by my selected order.

Becuz starting at the beginning of TVXQ video history is not always the best way to introduce a new fan to them. I have made a playlist of the mandatory videos in a more alluring fashion.

  1. Rising Sun(Japanese version)

  2. ”O”

  3. Mirotic (Dance version)

  4. Purple Line

  5. Wrong Number (Dance version)

  6. Last Angel

  7. Survivor

  8. Tri-Angle

  9. Bolero

Select Playlist

These are the videos I consider the much watch in order chronological by album.

-믿어요- Mideoyo (Believe) (2 versions)

Rising Sun
-Rising Sun(Korean and Japanese version)

Heart Mind and Soul
-明日は来るから (Asu wa Kuru Kara)
-My destiny


Five In The Black
-Choosey Lover

-Purple Line
-Last Angel

-Wrong Number

The Secret Code
-Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?
-Kiss The Baby Blue Sky

Most recent single you should give a listen to
-Stand by you

Chronological Playlist

Family Roles

This is a bit random but I find it cute. TVXQ has family roles. Seriously they have been listed by the member and by the fans here they are.
Father: Yunho
Mother: Jaejoong
Son/daughter/pet: Junsu
Son/daughter in law/youngest: Yoochun
Baby/Brother: Changmin

While Yunho and Jaejoong roles I can understand in a way. Yunho is the leader and and therefor can be consider to play the "father" role. Jaejoong likes to cook for the other members and calls them to make sure there okay and plays the "mother" role the others are not so clear. Well Changmin as the baby is also obvious but Junsu as the pet? Why Yoochun as the in-law?



So what you need to remember from this section.

DBSK/TVXQ means Rising Gods of the East or Gods Rising in the East

There are five members u can use what ever version of there name is easiest for you to remember.

There are 4 Korean albums
Rising Sun

There are 4 Japanese albums
Heart Mind and Soul
Five in the Black
The Secret Code


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Mar. 12th, 2010 08:44 pm (UTC)
I should have come back to this entry, I should have. Instead, I can't get over Changmin's hair in Tri-angle and O.Jung.Ban.Hap gives me second hand embarrassment. I hate Yoochun's hair in Ballons and I want to dropkick his primary hairstylist. I will only accept Junsu as a blonde if they do it The Way U Are style. Mirotic is my favorite, because they all look amazing and it's the first song I really stopped and listened to. I'd love T if Yoochun's hair, omfg.

Yes, Yoochun is my bias. Intermediate, here I come!

P.S. Name change, dear, no longer Vakair Dar. And yes, I'm here for the music too, but it'd really help if I could actually WATCH an MV instead of playing it and closing the window and just listening. XD

Edited at 2010-03-12 08:45 pm (UTC)
Mar. 13th, 2010 05:08 am (UTC)
I am so happy
I love the name change and I am so happy you have discovered the joy of TVXQ some of my Youtube links are not working but I will get them back up soon. I am glad you are enjoying the project. TVXQ hair is always so random sometime it is awesome sometimes it sucks. Jaejoong is like the only one who has consistently good hair.
In there Japanese single Brake Out! MV that came out in Jan I love all five member hair which like never happened before.
We all have our bias mine is Yunho and Jaejoong I love them all thought TVXQ 5 or nothing.
TVXQ Fighting!!!!!
Mar. 13th, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)
Re: I am so happy
I was a bit reluctant at first, the more I got into Kpop because what with the 2PM drama and then SuJu, I was pretty beat, but it warms my heart they want to stick together no matter what. I was very pleased with Jaejoong's Tri-angle hair, he just has the face to pull off all those ridiculous Anime inspired hairstyles. Junsu worked it, but it still wasn't all that great.

I saaaaaaw, I LOVE CHANGMIN'S HAIR IN THAT MV. I want to kiss whoever came up with it and make them cookies or something. IT'S LIKE, FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THAT NO, THE LONG HAIRED LOOK DOESN'T WORK ON ALL MEN. The last two pictures of Yunho are the best styles I think he should wear, full hair compliments his full face.

As I progress through each entry, so shall the discussions! <3

Yay for happiness! Yoochun is my bias, then Junsu and so forth, but I really like Yunho as a person so far that we've seen and heard. It's nice to know they're people like him all over the world.

DBSK FIGHTING! (Yes, I know about the TVXQ thing, but mehhhhh)
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