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TVXQ Intermediate Level


TVXQ Intermediate Level

In this section we will get to know the boys and their music a little bit more it will be a lot less pic heavy than the first section and there will be a lot more dates so get ready to start memorizing.
There is a lot of TVXQ products out there if you would like to start collecting there will be a quick study guide at the end of the this. There is a lot to remember TVXQ discography is vast in 6 years they have mange to rake up quite a few CDS, DVDS and Photobooks. If you are an obsessive person like me and want to know the names and date of everything they ever put out this will take time, a lot of time. If you want to own everything they ever put out this will take money lots and lots of money or selling an organ.

So let’s get started.
A quick study TVXQ name by country guide.

The different in their name was briefly mentioned in the introduction to TVXQ 101 here we will go a little more in depth . In the advanced section I will go over there name using the Korean, Japanese and Chinese characters.

  • there Korean name is Dong Bang Shin Ki which translates into The Rising God of The East. This should technically be their default name since they are Korean and it is their Korean name but international it is use lest often.

  • Tong Vfang Xien Qi which is the Chinese variation of their name it shortens to TVXQ or TVFXQ. TVXQ is the most popular variation of their name and is the version you should use when searching it gives the best and largest selection of results.

  • Tohoshinki is the Japanese version of their name if you are looking for information on them specifyly in Japan using this variation works the best.

TVXQ as a Group


A Little History

Before they where TVXQ they where SM trainees. Out of the five Junsu was a trainee the longest and Yoochun was one for the least amount of time. The story of their creation was the five best singer where picked out of subgroup to form Dong Bang Shin Ki which was a group based on singing and dancing talent. SM wanted to market them as an Acappella dance group. The group was formed in early 2003 and made their official debut on December 26th 2003.

A lot of focus was drawn to their vocal talent. A lot of focus is still drawn to their vocals talent. In the Asian music loving fandom there is a lot of shit put out by non TVXQ fans (not all of them but some) about how much TVXQ fans go on about how great our boys sing well the truth is they are wonderful talented singer so we can’t help but gloat. In Korea they are currently still under SM management there is some dispute going on but that will be cover in the advance level. In 2005 they signed to Rhythm Zone in Japan which is a sub group of AVEX a Japanese recording company. They are still currently signed to AVEX in Japan. All they Japanese stuff is handled by AVEX while everything else goes through SM Entertainment. Through SM Entertainment they have also release their albums and DVDS throughout Asia to places such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan

There is an official order to them. There is a standing order moving from left to right it goes Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho (look to visual aid 1). As far as I can tell there is no real reason for this order it was just chosen by the powers that be and that is the way they stand in most official pictures and public performances. There are variations of the order but for the most part this is it. They all have number on their microphones, Yunho 1, Changmin 2, Jaejoong 3, Yoochun 4, and Junsu 5.


Visual aid 1 Standing order from left to right Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho
After the issues the official standing order made it very easy for people to crop pictures cutting out the 2 or 3 members they did not want in the photo.


Group Dynamic

The thing about group dynamics is different people read it differently so how I see them is not really how everyone will. I think they have a good group balance that they have great respect for each other. The official label where Yunho the manly leader, Jaejoong the mysterious lead singer, Changmin the cute baby of the group, Yoochun the smooth dandy boy and Junsu was the charismatic one. Of course this didn’t work out because their personality didn’t fit completely the SM mold. Yunho still manages to be the manly leader they do tend to follow his lead in interviews and stuff like that and they have said a lot that he is their leader but we don’t live with them so we don’t real know. Yunho comes off as the serious “manly” one which goes with the whole leader thing. But it is well know Yunho likes cute things like seriously if it is fluffy and cute it will make him happy. He also has a cute side that leaks through sometime usually when something furry is around. Jaejoong is still the lead singer but just barely. The way most songs work out there is a section for everyone so he might get an extra versus in one song but Junsu might get an extra verse in another song. He does have one song all to himself on Mirotic and he does get to lead in a lot songs. But really being lead singer for Jaejoong mostly mean he gets to be in the middle and preen a lot. Jaejoong is also knows as Mr. popular he seems to know just about everybody in the Korean and Japanese music industry and then some. Changmin is the youngest but the role of the cute one went to Junsu who has such a quirky dittzy personality and he pulls off a cute face very well. Junsu is also amazingly charismatic which leaks into photographs and his stage performances. Changmin ended up with the role of the stable blunt one. He tends to just get right to the point while still looking very mature and reasonable but he has a quirky dry sense of humor that is just endlessly funny. Yoochun is the slick one. But he is also the most emotional one and is the cry baby of the group. He has found a way to balance both his manwhore tendency with his deep feelings and come off as the bashfully sweet slutty one.

They all live together they have an apartment in Korea and a house in Japan. (Currently they are not living together but that will be cover in section 3). Living together has made them a close bunch of dudes. They tend to hang off each other a lot. Changmin is trying to fight the man love but even he gives in at times. There manger use to live with them but he got married in 2008 so now I am lead to believe it is just the five of them.

Something you should know about the music industry in Korea and Japan

  • Many of the interviews and shows in Korea and Japan are scripted. It is hard to tell what coming from the members and what is just given to them to say.

  • They like to do a lot of behind the scene stuff

  • To get to the real member you have to do more than just watch a few interviews you have to dig deep. That means finding the fan cam and the fan pics the old vids and being able to watch ever pieces of footage of them ever filmed. If you don’t have the time for this I have compiled a long study guide of the best stuff or the vids that show you different aspect of the group.


The List of all singles, completions, albums, DVDs and others

Notes about Korean singles

  • The 6 singles released on CD are not the only music they have release in Korea.

  • There are a lot of songs that have Music Videos that were not released as a single.

  • Singles 3-6 are not found on any of their 4 Korean albums

Korean singles

  1. TriangleHug

  2. Triangle The Way U Are

  3. TriangleHi Ya Ya

  4. PhotobucketShow Me your Love(with Super Junior)

  5. PhotobucketFight spirit of Dong Bang

  6. Traveling (digital Single)

Korean Single and other album listing

Notes about Japanese singles

  • Their first 16 Japanese singles where used in some form of commercial advertisement in Japan i.e. commercials, opening or ending of dramas, theme songs. Singles 22,23 and 26, 28 were also used in forms of commercial advertisement media in Japan.

  • Singles 17 through 21 are the Trick singles. Each single focuses on one member . The first song on each singles was mixed together to make their first song Trick on their third Japanese album T while the second song on each album was a sole venture.

  • The Trick singles where releases in the order that spelt Trick . The order is Changmin{T}, Yoochun{R}, Junsu{I}, Yunho{C}, Jaejoong{K}.

  • Singles 17-21 (Trick Singles) 24, and 26 are the only singles not used for any form of advertisement.

  • They have had six #1 Oricon chart singles

Japanese Singles

  1. Stay with me Tonight

  2. PhotobucketSomebody to Love

  3. Heart Mind and SoulMy Destiny

  4. Heart Mind and SoulAsu wa Kuru Kara

  5. Heart Mind and SoulRising sun/Heart Mind and Soul

  6. PhotobucketBegin

  7. PhotobucketSky

  8. PhotobucketMissing you/O’

  9. PhotobucketStep by Step

  10. Five In The BlackChoosey Lover

  11. PhotobucketLoving You

  12. TSummer:Summer Dream/Song for You/Love in the Ice

  13. PhotobucketShine/Ride on

  14. PhotobucketForever Love

  15. TTogether

  16. the secret codePurple Line

  17. TTwo Hearts/Wild Soul

  18. TRunaway/My Girlfriend

  19. TIf?/Rainy Night

  20. TClose to You/Crazy Life

  21. TKeyword/Maze

  22. the secret codeBeautiful You/Sennen Koi Uta

  23. the secret codeDōshite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?

  24. the secret codeJumon Mirotic

  25. the secret codeBolero/Kiss the Baby Sky /Wasurenaide

  26. the secret codeSurvivor

  27. PhotobucketShare the World/We are

  28. PhotobucketStand By U

  29. PhotobucketColor~Melody and Harmony (Yoochun and Jejung from 東方神起)

  30. PhotobucketBreack Out!

  31. PhotobucketToki o Tomete

Japanese singles with Track Listings

Notes about Chinese Version

  • Most of these songs are addition on the Chinese release of the album

  • The songs are sung in Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese Versions

  1. Hug

  2. My little Princess

  3. The Way U Are

  4. Miadiao

  5. Tri-Angle

  6. Rising sun

  7. Unforgettable

  8. O

  9. Mirotic

Notes about Live albums

  1. Until December 15, 2010 there where no live Japanese albums and than the drop all 4 on one day

  2. There is no live album or DVD for Triangle as far as I can tell SM does not give concerts for first albums

Live albums

  1. Rising Sun1st live concert album Rising Sun

  2. O2nd Asia tour concert O live album

  3. Mirotic3rd Asia tour concert Mirotic live album


    Photobucket TOHOSHINKI LIVE CD COLLECTION Heart Mind and Soul
    Photobucket TOHOSHINKI LIVE CD COLLECTION Five in The Black

    Others Albums

    1. TriangleHug international version

    2. PhotobucketTVXQ nonstop mix Vol 1

    3. Ha Ha Song: Samsung Ha Ha Ha Campaign

    4. PhotobucketChristmas gift from Dong Bang shin Ki

    Best Selection 2010
    Photobucket Best selection CD

    PhotobucketBest selection 2 CD+DVD

    SM Town Albums

    1. 2006 Summer SM Town

    2. 2006 Winter SM Town - Snow Dream

    3. 2007 Summer SM Town - Fragile

    4. 2007 Winter SM Town - Only Love

    5. 2009 Summer SM Town - Seaside



    All about
    These are the must have DVD sets for all TVXQ fan come with 3-6 DVDS depending on the season. Each season is pack full of TVXQ moments that are worth re watching as well as interview games behind the scenes stuff and much more best of all these sets come with English subtitles. Score 1 for English speaking TVXQ fans.

    1. DVDAll about TVXQ season 1

    2. DVDAll about TVXQ season 2

    3. DVDAll about TVXQ season 3

    History in Japan
    A general overview of there active in Japan not as fun as the All About DVDS but still chocked full of useful stuff down side it only comes in Japanese language with Korean or Chinese subtitle but no English.

    1. DVDTohoshinki History in Japan Vol 1

    2. DVDTohoshinki History in Japan Vol 2

    3. DVDTohoshinki History in Japan Vol 3

    4. DVDTohoshinki History in Japan Vol 4

    All their tours are worth watching my fave though is T they have reach a level of awesome that just magnificent to watch. My recommending if you going start buying them try and get them in order. It is amazing to watch them grow as artist. But if you find them cheap grab them fast never turn down a good deal on TVXQ products.

    1. 1st Live concert Rising Sun

    2. 2nd Asian Tour Concert O

    3. DVD1st Live Tour 2006: Heart Mind and Soul

    4. Photobucket2nd Live Tour 2007:Five in the Black

    5. Photobucket3rd Live Tour 2008: T

    6. DVD4th Live Tour 2009: The Secret Code

    7. Photobucket4th Asian Tour Concert Mirotic

    8. Others DVDS
      These are DVD where they are one of many artists.

      1. Rhythm nation 2006

      2. A nation 07’ best selection

      3. A nation 07/ best live hits

      4. Best live DVD premium dream selection

      5. Summer Freak by A nation



      Photobooks and Story Books

      Notes about Photobooks

      • These are getting hard to find and they cost a lot around 50$ or more.

      Korean Photobooks

      1. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 1st Photo Album - 'Travel Sketches in L.A'
        Released: February 7, 2005

      2. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 2nd Photo Album - 'Summer Paradise in Borabora'
        Released: June 30, 2005

      3. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 3rd Photo Album - 'The Prince in Prague'
        Released: December 9, 2006

      4. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - 2007 Paris Photobook Special Limited Edition
        Released: November 22, 2007

      5. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki: A Week Holiday
        Released: July 21, 2008

      Japanese Photobooks

      1. Photobucket
        東方神起 1st Artist Book - Tomorrow: 000777'
        Released: March 25, 2006

      2. Photobucket
        東方神起 2nd Artist Book - SHINE
        Released: September 11, 2007


      1. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki- The 1st Story Book 'Hug'
        Released: March 30, 2004

      2. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 2nd Story Book 'The Way U Are'
        Released: August 21, 2004

      3. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 3rd Story Book 'TVfXQ! Special Photo Essay In L.A'
        Released: November 20, 2004

      4. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 2 - Rising Sun Repackage 4th Story Book: Five Secret Story
        Released: November 28, 2005

      5. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - The 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Documentary Book
        Released: April 10, 2007 Reprint: May 4, 2007

      6. Photobucket
        Dong Bang Shin Ki - Please Be Mine : All About TVXQ Season 3 Making Book
        Released: August 2009

      Photobook & Storybooks with detail

      Official Music Videos

      Here is a list of all their music video with links to the official video.

      Korean Music Video

      1. Hug

      2. My Little Princess

      3. My Little Princess (Acapella)

      4. The Way U Are

      5. 믿어요 Version 1

      6. 믿어요 Version 2

      7. Thanks To

      8. Tri-Angle (feat. BoA and The TRAX)

      9. Whatever They Say (Acapella)

      10. Hi Ya Ya 여름날 (Hi Ya Ya Summer Day) Version 1

      11. Hi Ya Ya 여름날 (Hi Ya Ya Summer Day) Version 2

      12. Drive

      13. Rising Sun

      14. Rising Sun LG Mobile

      15. Tonight

      16. Beautiful Life

      17. Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring (Acapella) + 마법의 성 (Magic Castle)

      18. One(For a Millionaire's First Love)

      19. Insa(Millionaire’s First Love OST)

      20. 약속했던 그때에 (Always There…)

      21. Free Your Mind (feat. Trax) (Live footage vid)

      22. "O"-正.反.合. ("O"-Jung.Ban.Hap.)

      23. 풍선 (Balloons)

      24. 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음 (You're my miracle) (Live footage vid)

      25. Show Me Your Love (With)Super Junior

      26. Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼

      27. Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼(Version. Korea National Football Team Official Image Song)

      28. Hot Mail (여름편지) (With SM Town)

      29. 태양은 가득히 (Red Sun) (With SM Town

      30. 사랑 하나죠 (Only Love) (With SM Town

      31. 주문 Mirotic

      32. 주문 (Mirotic) (Dance version)

      33. Wrong Number

      34. Wrong Number (Dance version)

      35. 악녀 (Are You a Good Girl?) (Live footage vid)

      36. 노을..바라보다 (Picture of You)

      Japanese Music Video

      1. Stay with Me Tonight

      2. Somebody to Love

      3. My Destiny

      4. 明日は来るから (Asu wa Kuru Kara)

      5. Rising Sun

      6. Begin

      7. Sky

      8. Miss You

      9. “O” -正・反・合

      10. Step by Step

      11. Choosey Lover

      12. Lovin' You

      13. Summer Dream

      14. Shine

      15. Forever Love

      16. Last Angel (With Kumi Koda)

      17. Together

      18. Together (Cinnamon Movie Version)

      19. Purple Line Japanese Version

      20. Purple Line Korean Version

      21. Beautiful You

      22. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう (Drama Version)

      23. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう (Acapella Version)

      24. Mirotic

      25. Bolero

      26. Bolero (Movie Version)

      27. Survivor

      28. Kiss the Baby Sky

      29. Share the World

      30. Stand by U (Tohoshinki version)

      31. Stand by U (drama version)

      32. Colors: Melody and Harmony

      33. Break out!


      1. Hug International[I can't find this Video]

      2. Jesus, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Acapella)[is combined with Magic Castle video]


Tohoshinki/TVXQ 101
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