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References List


References List

The world of Asian pop music is vast and seemingly unending. I don't know half of what is out there but if you intend to start floating around the TVXQ fandom a few names are going to start popping up so I have made a list of a few popular Korean and Japanese artists that run in the same circle as TVXQ.
Each name will lead to a short biography/discography page with vids and pic references. Basically this is the page I wish existed when I first got interested in Asian music. The * indicate artists who are my preferred taste. Every one has different taste so you should give ever artist a try.

Korean artists

  • *Big Bang

  • *Boa

  • *Super Junior

  • *Shinee

  • Rain

  • *MBlaq

  • Beast

  • SS501

  • 2PM

  • 2AM

  • *HOT

  • Shwanis

  • f(x)

  • *Brown Eyed Girls

  • *Outsider

  • Epik High

  • Girl's Generation (SNSD)

  • Wonder Girls

  • JY Park

  • The Trax

  • 2NE1

  • T*ARA

  • 4Minute

  • After School

Japanese Artists

  • *Gackt

  • *Kat Tun

  • The rest of Johnny boys who will get one page becuz 2 me they suck with the half assness

  • L'Arc~en~Ciel

  • *Vamps

  • Exile

  • Ayumi Hamasaki

  • *Utada Hikaru

  • Koda Kumi

  • Namie Amuro

  • B'z

  • Kinki Kids

  • Atarashi

  • Yui


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